Volume 9 (Cocoon)

Seeking comfort

‘To cocoon in a layer of silk to metamorphose into a butterfly.’

‘To seek out spaces that envelop us in a protective and comforting way.’

‘To retreat for a time of nurturing and self-refl ective calm.’

MOOD / journal: Small comforts p28

House and Leisure’s contributing food editor, Karen Dudley, reflects on food’s power to help us find rare moments of quiet and calm.

LOOK / food: A dairy in the dust p78

Frances van Hasselt pens an ode to Gay’s Guernsey Dairy in the Karoo, started by her mother in 1990. It holds true to old ways while embracing the new, with Gay’s daughter-in-law Claudia now taking the wheel.

LIVE / overberg: Country cottage in Hemel en Aarde Valley p152

What defines escape? For some, it’s new horizons. Or comfort – and in that, a sense of the familiar. Perhaps it’s absolute stillness. Solitude. Unbroken vistas in every direction and not a soul in your sightline. For others, it might be about discovery, seeing things anew.

DIGEST / architecture: Timbuktu, Mali: A journey to another world p202

Interior designer Potlako Gasennelwe recalls a transformative trip to Mali, which challenged her understanding of architecture and its origins.