Editor’s note

the magazine as a gallery

Volume 12 (Reframe), Autumn 2024

Above Some screengrabs of our studio’s Instagram feed. As you can tell, we’re all about creativity, collaboration and collage – themes running throughout this entire edition – and always trying to inject a sense of play into (most) of our studio work. You would have noticed this in the pages of House and Leisure too.

We’re celebrating 30 years of House and Leisure, which means 30 years of covering the creative community. It also means we’ve seen some pretty incredible things along the way. And more than a few impressive homes. One thing all of these inspiring places have in common? The art.

What’s amazing to see every time we enter someone’s home or space, is how they live with art (artworks, objects OR decor), and how they each choose to display it: framed or unframed, hung up, or nonchalantly leaning against a wall, intentional or accidental. And most interestingly, what they all consider to be art. We’ve seen it all, and we’re here for it. The eye of the beholder, right?

When we relaunched in 2021, LOOKBOOK Studio – our publisher and creative content studio – set out to challenge and reframe the print experience of House and Leisure. From the product to the paper, the content to the curation, the design to the finer details: it was a complete revamp and reframing. But while we might have changed a few (major) things, our commitment and appreciation for our community has remained a constant since day one, no matter how many changes and iterations throughout the years. I frequently page through our archive editions (there are hundreds), and am always overwhelmed by what came before, and the role we (still) play in our industry. No pressure.

If you’ve been a loyal fan since day one, or perhaps just joined the party, you’d know that it’s always been our mission to showcase and spotlight the very best of what’s out there. New and old. Classic and contemporary. Fun and serious. You name it.

It’s no surprise then that in our studio, we’re looking at things in new ways to keep things fresh. And it’s the homes we visit and feature that keep us inspired and, more often than not, set the scene. As much as we like to think that we’re setting trends, the opposite is true. It’s knowing where to look. We’re here to showcase what’s already out there: finding, gathering, curating, assembling, presenting (and printing) what we find. Framing it for you. And hopefully, sometimes, reframing it in the process. Our LIVE chapter (see p89) comes to mind: it features revamped homes full of inspiration, and full of art – a kaleidoscopic feast of living with art. A nice frame of mind for this edition.

Until next time, when we (re)frame and curate something else for you to enjoy! See you again in winter, for Volume 13. 

Above A very yellow Charl in the very yellow LOOKBOOK Studio, photographed by Amelia Brown.