Curated for each new volume of House and Leisure, and inspired by the theme of each issue, the House and Leisure playlists are available to listen on iTunes or Spotify 

Soundtracks curated by Tess Prins*

Click below to listen to the Volume 9 (Cocoon) inspired playlist.

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Listen to the ‘Cocoon’ playlist while paging through our Winter issue

‘A playlist that combines moody vocals and instrumentals sourced mostly from Indie artists who write thought provoking lyrics and musicians who use their music instruments to emote moody moments and experiences.’ – Tess Prins

  1. Grapejuice, Oscar Anton, Fil Bo Riva
  2. Monkey Throw Monkey, Arc de Soleil
  3. Mona, Nick Mulvey
  4. Honestly, Future Soundscapes, Francoise Sanders 
  5. Shiver, Indigo Pool
  6. Matter of Time (feat. Alex Maher), Vandelux
  7. DO 4 LOVE (Black Coffee Remix), Snow Aalegra, Black Coffee
  8. Last Night in Sant Celoni (feat. Jaz James), Payfone
  9. Where Have You Been?, Coyote Island
  10. Azon De ma Gnin, Skinshape
  11. Texas Sun, Khruangbin, Leon Bridges
  12. California Dreamin’, Amason
  13. High Tide, Storm Rising, Skinshape
  14. Got To Be Good, Gotta Street Park, Pip Millett
  15. Flowers, Oscar Anton
  16. Teardrops, Neil Frances
  17. Breath Hold, Fellini Félin
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Listen to the ‘Create’ playlist while paging through our Autumn issue
  1. Dusk, Alice Phoebe Lou
  2. Those Good Times, Kokoroko
  3. Full Length Mirror, Beatenberg
  4. Fall in Love, Frank Apollo 
  5. Heart City, Kunle Ayo
  6. Loosing Light – From P60 Jazz Fusion,Luka, Sio, From P60
  7. Uthando Lwam, Msaki, Black Coffee
  8. Bayathetha, OSIKIDO, Zonke
  9. High Rise, Diplo, Amtrac, Leon Bridges
  10. Selimathunzi, Mthunzi, Simmy
  11. Angsakwazi, Sino Msolo
  12. Kwanele, Mafikizolo, Sun-El Musician, Kenza
  13. Daily, Vico da sporo, Xolani
  14. Portia’s Chant, Sun-El Musician
  15. Oko, Zinke
  16. Paradise, Gaba Cannal, Kandybeats, The Myth
  17. Ceddo, Manu Dibango
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Listen to the ‘Relax’ playlist while paging through our Summer issue


  1. Fallen – Jazzed, Blank & Jones, Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr
  2. Smoker’s Desight, Digby Jones
  3. Palau, Feiertag
  4. Nourish the Soul, DJ Tax Rashid, Momentology
  5. Waves, Vanilla
  6. Elbe, paris91
  7. Drifting Away, Jens Buchert
  8. Walk with the Dreamers, Amble, Laid Back
  9. Oceans – Original Mix, Sculptured Music
  10. Island Dream, Clelia Felix
  11. A Touch, Giuseppe Tuccillo, DJ Pippi
  12. Marisi, Cantoma
  13. Stoned Love, Good Chillaz
  14. Back on the streets, The Man Behind C.
  15. Beach Waves, Cinematic
  16. Viva La Siesta, Dennis Allen, Jerry Spoon, Cafe De Anatolia
  17. Lunar Soil, Basaux
  18. Respond, Miči, Sun-El Musician
  19. Cross my mind, Kek’star
  20. Road To Jakarta – Original Mix, Nigel Male
  21. Peace Call Afrika, Nigel Male
  22. African Music, African Music Experience
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Listen to the ‘Explore’ playlist while paging through our Spring issue


  1. The New Lobby Boy, Alexandre Desplat
  2. I Loved Another Woman, Fleetwood Mac
  3. Camino Que Pasa, Sandra Bernardo, Natalia Doco
  4. Black Trombone, Serge Gainsbourg
  5. La Maison, Gabin
  6. Comme D’habitude, Mohamed Rouane, Cafe De Anatolia
  7. Love, Chris Madam, Alex Mihalakis, Cafe De Anatolia
  8. James Bond, A Century of Movie Soundtracks
  9. Whatever Lola Wants – Gotan Project Remix, Sarah Vaughan, Gotan Project
  10. Talking in your Sleep – Crystal Remix, Ituana, Groove Da Praia 
  11. Under Yellow, Parra for Cuva
  12. Azkhale (feat. Daliwonga), Kabzą De Small, Daliwonga
  13. Wish You Were Here, Black Coffee, Msaki
  14. Stiff Jazz, Dzihan & Kamien
  15. Creep, Karen Souza
  16. Saxophone, Afterlife, Lovely Laura
  17. Mar y Tierra – Tendero Mix, Groove Gauchos
  18. Canción Del Mariachi, Papi Churro, Phlocalyst
  19. Mi Swing Es Tropical, Nickodemus, Quantic, Tempo
  20. Mambo Italiano, Dean Martin
  21. Happy – From ‘Despicable Me 2’, Pharrell Williams
  22. SBCNCSLY, Black Coffee, Sabrina Claudio
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*Tess Prins‘ DJ sets cover a broad range of genres that span a 25+ year collection. Not only having worked with performers such as Black Eyed Peas, Norah Jones and Wyclef Jean, she has compiled playlists for hotels, restaurants and bars from Hamptons, Chicago and St Tropez.