The face brick revival

Corobriks clay face bricks are made to stand the test (and trends) of time

With a worldwide emphasis on sustainability, it’s no wonder architects and designers are reconsidering the materials that they select for projects. Corobrik’s clay face bricks are an obvious choice with their impressive qualities, including being low-maintenance and fire resistant with great thermal properties and impressive longevity.

‘We are clearly seeing an uptick in the use of face brick, which has been rediscovered by the construction industry and architectural profession as a creative, sustainable, long-lasting and durable material.’

– Corobrik CEO Nick Booth

Reinvented throughout the years to match architectural trends, these consistent qualities make it a material that is repeatedly relied upon. Whether used on low budget projects or high-end builds, clay face brick is able to perform well, while always adding an element of style. Through various pattern iterations, sizes and colour options, versatility is another quality that is attributed to this building material.

‘What is so exciting about face brick as a building material is that you can add texture and depth to a structure by making use of hollowed spaces or stepping brickwork in or out, which also creates an interesting play on light and shadow. These are all additional benefits inherent in face brick that architects and other built environment professionals are rediscovering for themselves,’ says Nick.

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