Volume 8 (Create) – Autumn 2023

Make way

House and Leisure‘s contributing design editor, Bielle Bellingham, raises a rallying call for us to sit up, take note and get creative – not just on paper, but in the flesh too

Illustrations by Elana Wasson

As LOOKBOOK Studio (the content studio who creates House and Leisure) we’re proud to foster creative conversation, in print and in real-life. Industry friends Bielle BellinghamClaire Johnson (of Hoick) and Max Melvill (of The Ramp), will further explore the thoughts and ideas posed by this manifesto in their second, of many, round-table talks.

Volume 8 (Create), ‘Make Way’ on p28, Words by Bielle Bellingham, Illustrations by Elana Wasson

Drawing from the ideas in the article, the networking event draws together like-minded creatives, industry peers and curious members of the community for a round-table discussion.

Topics will cover the positive (and negative) spaces around creativity, as well as understanding the physical and mental environment in which creativity exists.

This will be a discussion with individuals from diverse fields, touching on the process of envisioning, achieving and maintaining creative fluidity. Join us in a frank and meaningful dialogue about the things that are felt, but rarely shared…

This open event takes place on Friday 17 March at The Ramp, 15 Carlisle Street, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town at 3pm.

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We are better served by networking ideas than we are by protecting them. The longer we work in a vacuum, the more likely we are to fail. By sharing ideas early, we receive feedback that helps us adjust and improve our solutions. Let others borrow your ideas, recycle them, reinvent them and build with them.’ – @biellebellingham

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