What's not to Love?

May 2023

House and Leisure Contributing Lifestyle Editor, Cassandra Twala, recently sat down with Jo Malone CBE about the arrival of her brand, Jo Loves, in South Africa

Cassandra Twala is photographed with Jo Malone, owner of Jo Loves

I walk into the room, wearing a white, loose-fitting kaftan dress. Jo immediately offers generous compliments. She says, ‘I just want to spray Pomelo all over you.’ We instantly bond over this locally crafted garment that I have treasured for a few years now. With my permission, she goes on to shower me in her Pomelo fragrance. I can still remember the crisp freshness of citrus that followed me that day. This simple anecdote stuck with me because it captures the essence of Jo Malone and her eponymous brand, Jo Loves. When Jo loves something, she shares it boldly with others. In fact she makes the sharing of the things she loves a rich, wholehearted experience.

‘You have to be true to who you are, and not compare yourself and be bogged down by what other people are doing.’

– Jo Malone

In our conversation around creativity and storytelling, Jo likens herself to Newt Scmander from Fantastic Beasts – the ‘magizoologist’ who carries around characters in his briefcase. I immediately recall the warm nostalgic feeling of my Harry Potter-filled childhood. She explains how she sees her perfumes as individual characters, each with layers and complexities. She knows their limitations, their expectations, who they get along with and in which environment they can thrive. How exquisite?

The range of fragrances, which has now reached our shores, are more than just perfume. They are an offering that reinforces a deep respect for creativity, the type of creativity that is rooted in a sense of self. In a market that has become highly saturated, this brand stands out as one that is more intimately personal than any other.

What was framed as an interview, turned out to feel like a much needed re-assuring chat with a kindred spirit. Seriously, what’s not to love?

Jo Loves is now available for purchase in South Africa. Follow the brand on Instagram or shop their perfumes, body products and candles from ARC Stores nationwide.