Screen time

This open, free-flowing and naturally durable technique, from Corobrik, is here to stay

Hit-and-miss screen walls have become an increasingly popular way for architects and homeowners to create open, free-flowing spaces while still taking advantage of the natural durability of brick. ‘Hit-and-miss’ refers to a certain style of brickwork laying, which results in a pattern that creates a unique effect.

The name ‘hit-and-miss’ – a term usually associated with something that could be good or bad depending on the situation – should not discourage you! This type of brickwork uses an extremely reliable and durable masonry technique: the interlocking nature of the bricks make this type of brick wall sturdy and able to withstand large amounts of pressure.

Key benefits of hit-and-miss screen walls include how they allow light and air to flow in freely. While traditional bricks may block light and prevent air-flow, hit-and-miss brickwork allows ample light and air to penetrate the bricks, create a free-flowing atmosphere and unique aesthetic.

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