Volume 9 (Cocoon) – Winter 2023

Dune House

Introducing a preview of ‘Dune House’, a home that pays reverence to the space it occupies. It’s a timber structure by KLG Architects that gently sits above the sand, leaving the surrounding indigenous grasses and bushes unscathed

Architecture by KLG Architects  Photography by Warren Heath  Art direction & Styling by Charl Francois Edwards  Styling by Storm Ross  Words by Terri de Sousa  a LOOKBOOK Studio production

A plain timber boardwalk, almost identical to the public footpaths you find along the Kogelberg coastline, leans towards the house. The sound of the wooden planks underfoot and the smell of the salty shrubs are familiar cues of what is to come: the beach and, nestled beside it, a structure that rests on the contours of the dune… Watch the video below to step inside this home in Betty’s Bay.

Video by Deon Lourens / Hudson and Meadow  a LOOKBOOK Studio Production

‘Dune House’ forms part of this winter edition’s thematic link to homes, cabins, pods connected to nature, and all things cosy. Discover ‘Dune house’, the Betty’s Bay timber home of Michel, Saskia and Lukas, by Geoff George of KLG Architects on p90 of Volume 9 (Cocoon).