Editor’s note

Field work

Volume 10 (Grow), Spring 2023

Amongst the vygies: SOFA Mohair blanket by Frances van Hasselt. Photograph by Alix-Rose Cowie.

Oh how much we’ve grown … and how far we’ve come! House and Leisure launched in October 1993. Fast-forward to this year (and thousands of stories later), as we celebrate 30 years of milestones, memories and moments. More mature and a little wiser, yet always learning from those around us, we’re still looking at the world with eyes wide open and exploring it with a sense of childlike wonder. We turned the pandemic into a chance at a second life, fully embracing our newfound status as a comeback kid, and proudly wearing the label of ‘lockdown baby’. We might have a fresh appearance, but we’re certainly no newbie. Over the past three decades, we’ve been committed to exploring the world we live (and work) in, out in the field, connecting with the most incredible people and encountering their stories to bring you every edition of House and Leisure. This very edition is proof of that. It’s a curated field guide of sorts, filled with the many people and places we’ve encountered as curious storytellers.

The accidental muse: Blanket by Frances van Hasselt. Photograph by Alix-Rose Cowie and photograph of Jacie Burger by Ane Strydom.

For example, a recent adventure to Prince Albert in the Klein Karoo helped inform this issue’s theme – Grow. I was invited to experience a happening of sorts, hosted and curated by my friend Frances van Hasselt – a true trailblazer in our design industry and around the world. She’s a fearless pioneer, creating magic wherever she goes. And this gathering was no exception (see p76). For one wondrous weekend, we were transported to another world, through walks in the veld, site-specific shows, studio sharing sessions, bread-breaking with new (and old) friends, all the while engaging in meaningful conversation and dialogue with our design community and friends. It was an invaluable gathering of minds that reminded me of the importance of friendship and community. Without them, there is nothing, and no way to be nurtured, supported or embraced, and no way to do so in return. It was a proud moment – not just as a friend, but also as editor of a title that has played a significant role in our industry: fostering (and growing) our design talent. Our friends. On that note, it’s time to smell the flowers and frolic in the fields with said friends. See you again in summer, for Volume 11.


Charl, wearing a fresh new look from FIELDS, on location for this edition’s inspiration shoot, featuring a papier mâché chair made by House and Leisure Style Editor, Storm Ross. Photograph by Frances Marais. Polaroroid still-lives at Babylonstoren Farm.