Evolution Product: Reflection as inspiration

March 2024

A leading local textile design business looks back to create a new collection that honours history and heritage

Photography by Elsa Young

Renowned and loved for their one-of-a-kind creations, Evolution Product has been at the forefront of development in the local and international textile industry for the past 14 years. That much time in the business calls for a moment of reflection – a chance to look back on the journey travelled so far, and to reflect on purpose and reason for being.

Evolution Product’s move into a new showroom space in Joburg was the perfect catalyst for this, and through the process of looking back, the ‘Reflections’ collection was born. While reviewing their library of more than 500 designs, the Evolution Product team revisited the reasons these ranges were created, and who they’d been working with – the researchers, partners and protectors of our biosphere and heritage that have impacted their journey.

‘The journey of reaffirming collectors, historians, researchers and modern day pioneers’ passion and admiration for our country has been the biggest gift bestowed on me.’ – Amanda du Plessis, Evolution Product founder and creative director

The South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) is one such partner, as is evidenced by the elements of nature that run through Evolution Products’ creations. ‘Reflections’ expands on the company’s Commemorative Lithograph range, which celebrated lithograph blocks found in SANBI’s archive, and used the grainy reflections photographed and created for their linen textile range.

There’s a narrative in everything Evolution Products creates that speaks to a deep sense of history, place and time, interwoven with stories of the beauty, fragility and magic of nature. Their products evoke emotion, stir memory and embrace their heritage of discovery.

Find out more about the Evolution Product journey and process, and explore the Reflections collection.

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